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To Have Self-Discipline You Must Practice It

Exercise is a perfect setting for the practice of multilevel planning and self-discipline. First you need an overarching goal. If it is something like “get fit” or “lose some weight” you’re going to fail. You will not actually be able to determine when you’ve achieved such a poorly defined goal or measure progress. You will be unable to focus on exactly what is necessary to produce results and will end up wasting time doing all manner of things that don’t take you in any meaningful direction. Or you’ll end up not doing anything at all.

How to Successfully Complete a Uniquely Complex Undertaking

A subject I’m currently studying as part of a Master of Technology (Business Systems Design & Management) degree is Business Systems Project Management. In doing so I’ve come to understand the importance of methodologies, the importance of predetermined structured approaches to successfully solving problems and completing large complex projects. That is, having a structured overarching approach that serves to guide how you go about complex and unique tasks that has through extensive past experience been found to lead to success.