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A Guided Metta Meditation

Metta Bhavana is a Buddhist meditation practice known as the development of universal loving-kindness. It belongs to a set of meditations called brahma-viharas, which roughly means ‘abode of the gods’. As such metta meditation is considered to help us experience positive and enjoyable mental states similar to the mental states of the beings in the Buddhist god-realm.

The Undeniable Nature of Existence

People come into our lives and they go. Our personalities, knowledge and intuitive and logical intelligence grow and transform. Experiences and situations flow constantly into the range of our perceptions. Thoughts and emotions whirl by and stir up our being in the process. Things die, which is very different from saying things cease to exist, and other things are born. The planets, the solar system, galaxies and beyond are in constant motion. Constant flux and transformation is evident in all things. Why then do we live as if the nature of things was not so? Why do we resist change and become attached to all manner of things? To do so is only to our detriment.