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Meditation, Experiencing Life, and Getting Back on the Horse

My meditation practice is simple. I sit and be the sky. This begins with slowing down. Achieved by centering the mind on one physical sensory input. In this case the feeling of the breath at the rim of the nostrils. Breath and mind gradually merge. The calmer one becomes the more refined the breath. The more refined the breath the more one must focus single-pointedly on the ever slighter sensation.

Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina

Steve’s fantastic book has so far confirmed, solidified and expanded upon many of my own thoughts and ideas that are the product of my own personal development journey so far. I highly recommend this excellent book to everyone. I would be surprised if there is a person who would not take something of great lasting value from reading this book.

The more I read the more I realize that this book is something quite special. It contains potentially life changing information and perspective for anyone willing to spend a few dollars and read it. It is written so well that I think it will slap even the most complacent, on autopilot, unconscious person awake, at least for a little while. And that is really all one person can do for another.