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Your Life is What Your Thoughts Make It

Probably the most vital lesson we can learn in life is the importance of what we think. Some say that if they knew what you think, they would know what you are. Indeed our thoughts make us what we are. If we think failure we will fail. If we think of lack and worry we will have lack and worry. If we think happy thoughts we will be happy.

How to Stop Procrastinating, Get Motivated & Achieve

The exercise I’m going to show you is no joke. When I tried it out some time ago I had been very badly ill with Chronic Fatigue, lost my job and virtually failed at university. Through long struggle I had gotten my health back on track and was about to start studying for my degree by correspondence. Previously university had been the bain of my existence. It wasn’t a monkey on my back it was a gorilla that had me by the throat. I hated university with a passion. So I spent some time running through the above exercise to get motivated to just get the thing done. Well, it worked. It took me just 16 months to complete an entire degree. There is nothing special about me. I just knew of a technique to motivate myself and importantly I made use of it. This exercise helped me put procrastination to bed, get motivated and achieve. It worked for me and it will work for you.