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The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

In response to Diabetes, Fructose and Natural Appetite Regulation Akemi asked me some good questions. In the process of reply I found myself essentially writing another article so I thought I’d post it up as an article so everyone gets a chance to read it. Akemi’s comment is below and my response follows.

Sugar, Fat and Workout of the Day No. 2

Following is a workout I enjoyed just the other day. Begin with 3 minutes of jump rope to warm up. Then complete 20 two-handed kettlebell swings followed immediately by 1 minute of jump rope as active recovery. The point of the jump rope for active recovery is to bring your heart rate back down while still remaining active. If jump rope is too new a movement pattern for you or you’re fitness level isn’t quite up there you might like to substitute some steady jumping jacks or shadow boxing instead. The point is to continue to move around and help your heart return closer to normal.