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The Only Way to Truly Help Others

You may try to tell another that they need to change their habits. Perhaps their diet and lifestyle is leading them towards diabetes, heart disease and premature death. Sadly anything you say, however well intentioned, is most likely to be interpreted as criticism or an attempt by one ego to change another. Remember, a particular person’s state of being has been created by that person for himself or herself. They have repeatedly validated and justified their state of being to themselves.

The Power of One

When I was twenty I ended up with chronic fatigue and lost the job I had worked hard all through high school to get along with about 30kg. At the time I was also attending university. Both my career and studies came to a grinding halt. It took two long years to get out of the deep black hole of fatigue I ended up in. In many respects I have these experiences to thank for the fact that health and wellbeing have become the absolute top priorities of my life. I’ve learnt from painful experience that without your health you have nothing. If good health is yours anything is possible. Amazingly the journey back up after being struck down by chronic fatigue has taken me places and opened up opportunities that I never imagined possible.