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Ready, Fire, Aim!

The very beginning of Balanced Existence was an experiment in the “Ready, Fire, Aim!” concept. At the time I had become inspired to start my own blog and to begin sharing with you things that I found interesting and helpful. I had some ideas about the direction I wanted to take the website should I build it. At the same time I had been reading about the “Ready, Fire, Aim!” concept.

The Story of the Buddha – Part 1

When discussing the life of the Buddha the words ‘story’ or ‘account’ are commonly used. This is because there is no verifiable factual data regarding his life. So the story of the life of the Buddha or Awakened One who realized the Dharma: ‘that which really is’ is all we have. In Indian storytelling tradition the story of his life is portrayed in a series of disconnected incidents, generally including his birth, enlightenment, first sermon, and death. Such Indian stories traditionally acted as a means by which the unchanging nature of the hero is revealed and highlighted. However, is it possible to separate out the account of the Buddha’s life from his teachings?