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The title of this article is a little misleading. What went on between chronic fatigue and I was not a battle. It was war. If you are currently going through the Chronic Fatigue experience then you will sympathize with my story. You will also want to read exactly what it was I did to overcome it once and for all. Please understand that in this article I will not try to sell you anything nor endorse any product or service of any sort. I personally know what sort of life ending hell Chronic Fatigue is and I sincerely wish to help you claw your life back in any way I can. If you know someone who is struggling with Chronic Fatigue then direct that person to this article today! Your thoughtful action may very well help turn their life around.

It started for me around Christmas 2000 when I caught the Epstein Barr virus, also known as viral glandular fever, from a friend. I was on holidays at the time and did not feel any effects except perhaps a bit of a soar and swollen throat. That was until I returned to work. The first day back I virtually collapsed on the train on the way to work. I remember the experience very clearly. I was standing up by the doors and suddenly started to feel ill in the stomach. Then my vision began to fade and I felt like I was going to vomit. I remember gasping for breath and then when I began to pour sweat I knew something was very wrong with me. I managed to get off the train and collapsed on a bench at a train station.

My clothes were soaked in sweat and as my vision cleared I called work to let them know I would not be in that day. I caught the next train back home and booked myself in to see a doctor. The first doctor I consulted misdiagnosed me and prescribed penicillin. Exactly what you are NOT meant to take. It might interest you to know that at least 106,000 people die every year in the United States from adverse drug reactions. Sloppy handwriting alone is the cause of 7,000 patient deaths each year while preventable medication mistakes hurt 1.5 million patients. If that does not make you pay attention then consider that despite the 2 trillion dollars spent on health care each year the number one cause of death in the United States is the American medical system.

I wish I were privy to this information back when I first got sick. However I was soon to learn the hard way. Chances are if you are reading this article then you to have learnt the hard way that modern medicine is not about health. It is a disease industry with profit as its aim and it can only do that if millions including you and your family and friends get sick, and stay that way. In 2001 Pfizer was the number one most profitable company of all the Fortune 500 companies. Pfizer’s profit that year was $7.8 billion dollars. That is more than the profit from all Fortune 500 companies in the homebuilding, apparel, railroad and publishing industries combined. There is an alternative. That is the purpose of this article. Keep reading and you will learn exactly how I totally overcame chronic fatigue once and for all.

Before I get back to my personal experience now is probably a good time to give you some tough love. This is also my first piece of advice for how you can overcome Chronic Fatigue permanently:

Your health must become your absolute number one priority in your life! Later, when you are victorious and well again you can change it back to your career or your family or whatever you like. Chronic Fatigue is an extremely debilitating illness. If you take half measures you will fail. If you have Chronic Fatigue I’m sure you have realized by now that without your health very little in your life is possible.

I’ll say it again for emphasis – Until you make your health your number one priority in your life you will not get better! This means you must give up your infantile reliance upon doctors, and anyone else beyond yourself, as the source of your getting well. You must act like an adult and take full responsibility for yourself. Let me make something very clear: Your doctor does not care about you! He or she is making a good living out of you and gets to go home and enjoy their life while you continue to suffer as a shell of your former self. They have no interest in you getting better. If you got better you would not need to go see them anymore and they would have lost a good customer.

To continue: I went back to work but my throat only got worse. I stopped eating because it was too painful and I just did not feel like it. The glands on my throat swelled up like balloons. So I took myself back off to see a different doctor. The lady I consulted was far more thorough. One of the blood tests she did was for Epstein Barr and the first test came back negative. However she made me give more blood and sent that off to have the test run again. This time it came back positive. The doctor immediately gave me a week off work to rest and because I will probably contagious. After that first week my condition had not improved. I think I went back to work for a week or two and then went back to see the doctor. This time she gave me a month off work and told me to do nothing but rest. My employer was very understanding but that was not to last.

Taking that time off from work to do nothing but rest turned out to be the worse possible thing to do. Doctors with no clue, to my detriment, struck again. My condition quickly deteriorated. I lost about 20kg, became weak and began to get fatigued easier and easier. I developed insomnia. As contrary as that sounds, despite my fatigue, I struggled to fall sleep. Once I did fall asleep I slept for longer and longer. I ached all over. I hardly ever felt like eating and had this feeling inside that I can only call extreme chronic fatigue. It was like every one of my nerves was humming. And the more I rested the worse it got. Mornings were the worse. I would wake up and know I had to get up and go to work but my body would simply refuse any instructions to move. It was like being paralyzed.

When I was 16 I was very fit and strong. I could easily bench press more then my body weight (about 85kg or 190lbs) for reps. I would often go for bike rides that lasted most of the day. After I got sick, by the time I started to turn things around, I struggled to bench press 20kg and had lost about 30kg in body weight. So there I was. Not yet 21 and somehow I was a shadow of myself and my life had yet to get out of second gear.

Second piece of advice: You will not overcome Chronic Fatigue by resting more! I’m not suggestion you get up and go for a run. No, what I am suggesting may be a new concept to you but it is very important that you learn it. The sooner the better! It is what Paul Check calls “working-in”. This is the very opposite to what everyone else is doing at gyms around the country which is working-out.

Exercise or working-out is a form of stress to the body. While you probably imagine stress as inherently bad this is not necessarily the case. You actually need about 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight each and every day to get a needed dose of vitamin D. That reasonable amount of sunlight is a form of good electromagnetic stress. Vitamin D is proven to help fight cancer, is needed for a healthy immune system and allows for calcium absorption in the gut. You can drink all the milk and eat all the cheese and yogurt you like but without vitamin D your body will not be able to use the calcium contained within those foods. Too much sunlight however is a bad form of stress resulting in sunburn and skin cancer.

So what I’m suggesting in working-in is not something like going for a run. All stress in the body summates. That means your body does not know the difference between stress over bills, stress from poor diet and stress from exercise. All stress simply gets added together within your body. Therefore as your body is already highly stressed by your Chronic Fatigue adding more by trying to work out will only make your situation worse.

Working-in movements are a smarter not harder method to increase your energy and vitality. Here is something you probably do not know about your body – your circulatory, digestive, hormonal and musculoskeletal systems are all body systems that not only use energy, they produce it! An example will demonstrate how to use this principle to your advantage – the one thing you have done from the moment you were born and you will continue to do right to the moment you die is breath. Using your lungs you take oxygen from the air. That oxygen gets attached to iron particles in your red blood cells. At which point it gets delivered throughout your body via arteries and the pumping of your heart. Oxygen carries a very strong positive charge, like the positive pole of a magnet. The tissues of your body and the water in your body (75% of your body is water) behave like the negative pole of a magnet. This combination of positive and negative poles produces energy. By breathing your body generates energy. In India Yogis call this energy Prana and Qigong, Tai Chi and martial arts practitioners call it Chi.

The point I want to make very clear here is that, just as it takes money to make money, it takes energy to make energy. To breath in requires the use of energy but it also produces energy. Right now you may not have very much energy to work with but if you make use of energizing exercises you will finish a session with more energy then when you started. It is a lot like compound investing. Even though you will start off with a low amount of energy the more energy you generate the more energy you can then reinvest in producing still more energy. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Learning how to work-in is very easy. I highly recommend you invest in the book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy. I personally own this book and have used it extensively as has several members of my family. We have all benefited tremendously from reading and applying the information it contains. For a small $25 investment you can learn all the work-in techniques you’ll ever need and in that book you also find a completely personalized program for health and wellness based on how you answer a set of questionnaires. I can’t recommend How to Eat, Move & Be Healthy highly enough. It’s a complete personalized health and wellness system.

In the second part of this article I continue the story of my battle with Chronic Fatigue and exactly how I won. I hope this first part will help you in your fight to win your battle. Remember that I succeeded and if I can you can to. How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue continues with specifics from my personal experience with Chronic Fatigue. This first part was necessary to lay the groundwork and present you with the general principles of the successfully strategy for overcoming Chronic Fatigue.

May you be well.

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