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Starting next month I will begin full-time study for my Masters of Technology (Business Systems Design and Management). While I’m excited to return to study in an area that interests me I was concerned about how I would go about maintaining good health.

It can become so easy to let the little things that have been keeping us in great health, relaxed and relatively stress free to slip when the pressure comes on. For me, when I stop meditating, eating correctly and enjoying regular workouts my health and my ability to handle stress take a nosedive.

We can quickly lose perspective and easily get caught up in the stress. I’ve experienced this happen a number of times over the years. This experience has allowed me to be very sensitive to the signs. Sadly despite this I’ve found that if I don’t have a good plan prepared many things that I should be doing still somehow get forgotten and slip by the wayside.

So I’ve spent some time thinking of a good plan of action to follow. I know I’ll be busy with homework, assignments and study for exams. I will continue to write a number of times a week for other blogs and I will certainly continue writing at least 3 – 4 posts per week for Balanced Existence.

Enter the Balanced Existence Challenge
Most importantly I want to continue to eat correctly while enjoying my food, stay lean and healthy and to continue to increase my physical strength far beyond where it is now. With this in mind I’ve devised a plan that takes care of a number of these needs all at once. I’ve decided to name this plan the Balanced Existence Challenge.

I’m very excited to announce, beginning next month, I will be starting the Balanced Existence Challenge. The challenge is essentially a program of eating, exercise and meditation designed to accommodate my full-time university study and writing commitments. All the while maintaining health, staying lean, reducing stress and becoming much stronger.

Follow My Progress
Many people seem to believe size always equals strength. This belief is misguided and I intend to show that you can become much stronger without becoming an undefined chunk of a man or woman. I want to share with you how you can work towards your dreams while keeping your health, look lean, and become much stronger all while maintaining your commitments and obligations.

To that end I will soon begin discussing the various facets of The Balanced Existence Challenge. My focus will primarily be on the workouts I will be doing and my diet. I will be journalizing everything I eat and everything I do for my workouts and documenting it all here at Balanced Existence on a regular basis. Including progress reports. I plan to take before and after photos of myself as well as measure my before and after weight and record my gains in strength.

I do hope you will subscribe to Balanced Existence so you can follow me as I take up The Balanced Existence Challenge. My aim is to show anyone who needs a helping hand that a lean and healthy balanced life of achievement, fitness, strength and wellbeing is possible. And precisely how you can go about achieving it. I wish to do this through leading by example. You will be able to see the precise results of my program and I hope learn many helpful things about diet and exercise.

Read about Day 1 of the Balanced Existence Challenge (BEC) and the super simple, super cut-down exercise program I will be following. My before photos, measurements and current strength should be up soon to. Make sure you subscribe so you can keep up with The Balanced Existence Challenge (BEC) and all the related information to do with exercise, weightlifting, diet and meditation that I will be sharing.

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