This morning’s deadlifting took a rather intense turn.

105kg (231lbs) x 5
95kg (209lbs) x 5

I’ve discovered that this heavy lifting business feels quite different from kettlebells. After doing the two sets of deadlifts I sat outside and ate some breakfast of Tuna, carrot, raw nuts and 15 minutes later some water. After I finished I found myself just sitting there completely still and realized my whole body felt worked. But not in a way I think I’ve experienced before. Not in a worn out sort of way.

Just that everything from my ankles to my abs to my triceps to my forearms had been recruited into the lifts. What a highly efficient way to workout the entire body and develop all around strength!

I feel like my technique has improved considerably. I feel like I’m grinding the weight off the ground with my legs and only at the top using my hips to complete the movement. No shrugging the weight up with my shoulders.

Turkish Get-Ups (TGU) – each arm
20kg (44lbs) x 1
32kg (70lbs) x 2

I had planed to train my abs as part of this Balanced Existence Challenge but that has quickly gone out the window. I simply cannot be motivated by cosmetic exercise alone. So I’ve decided to simplify it right down to just using the ab wheel of death in short sets of 5 reps whenever I think of it throughout the day five days a week.

At least that way I will work my abs but also more importantly I will be improving the strength of my core. Which I’m sure will be important the heavier I deadlift. (Edit: the day after my abs felt worked so I’m going to stick with this idea!)

In closing I’m going to take tomorrow (Friday) off despite not actually feeling physically fatigued or any muscular soreness. It’s very early days and I’ve pushed the weight increases a lot this week. I feel one needs to be flexible and roll with things as opposed to rigidly sticking to protocol. I also think I will cycle the weight back down to something like 95kg (209lbs) on Monday which should see me bypassing what I lifted today by Thursday next week.

At which point I’ll re-evaluate how I’m feeling in my continued journey towards discovering my first 5 rep max deadlift. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this journey. The best way to do that is to subscribe if you haven’t done so already.

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