100kg (220lbs) x 5
90kg (198lbs) x 5

The deadlift weight is starting to feel heavy. I’m thinking my current and starting 5 rep maximum (5RM) will be somewhere around 110kg (242lbs). (Edit: I hit 115kg the next week and still going).

Turkish Get-Ups (TUG) – each arm
20kg (44lbs) x 1
32kg (70lbs) x 2

I expect I’m going to be respectively tired come Friday. Was reading about how the fear of over training leads many to under train. I can see how that could happen.

Throughout the day I played with my Captains of Crush No.1 gripper as I do most days for a couple of sets of five on each hand. The Captains of Crush No.1 gripper is a hand gripper that is rated at 140lbs. I’ve gotten a lot stronger on it recently by doing bottoms-up (BU) kettlebell work.

Speaking of which I once again enjoyed an afternoon session of BU cleans with the 20kg kettlebell. Basically cleaning the kettlebell into the BU position and just holding it there as long as I can. Then switching hands. Two long sets of this.

Tomorrow I plan to deadlift 105kg (231lbs) and 95kg (209lbs). If this continues to go well I think next week I’ll drop the weight increases to 2.5kg (5lbs) per day. I want to find my 5RM but I don’t see why I should hurry to do so. In the mean time I’ll actually be extending my 5RM as I move towards it.

Read more in Day 4.

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