Holding the Sun
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This post is inspired by a very good video over at ProBlogger about how to find advertisers for your blog. For the purposes of this article the topic of the video isn’t so important. What is important is the message it conveyed.

The video answered a common question among bloggers. How do I make money from my blog? The answer was simple. Get out there, find businesses in your niche, call them and grab them. Simple, yet how many bloggers have actually taken serious action like that?

I know I haven’t. I do think it’s a little early yet for Balanced Existence seeing as this site is still less than three month old. Regardless, the fundamental message is still applicable to many of my current goals for this website. Just as it is for anything you may currently be aspiring to achieve.

If you and I really do want to achieve what we want we will need to be at least a little audacious. We will need to get out there and initiate. We will have to recruit others to our cause. Very little happens when we sit back and wait for life to land the golden goose in our lap. It’s like the lottery. Sure you might win. Chances are you wont.

My Audacious Action for Today
A seriously big goal of mine is to have 1,000 subscribers to this website by December 31, 2008. That’s a tall order and even more so if I happen to not do anything about it. Certainly it is not something that will happen without serious action on my part and a lot of help from other people, 1,000 other people to be exact.

So in the spirit of being audacious and taking action and hopefully so as to inspire you to get out there and take hold of what it is you want I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and lead by example.

I want you to please subscribe (audacity, but with manners!) to Balanced Existence either by RSS Feed or via email by entering your email address into the form at the end of this post and clicking the Subscribe button. It’s completely free, I will not ever do anything with your email address and you can unsubscribe at any time.

I also ask that, before you leave my website today, please tell just one person about Balanced Existence. That one person might be a coworker sitting just next to you, that person might be your partner, they might be a parent or someone who just needs a helping hand with their health and wellbeing. Just tell one person and ask them to pass it on.

Now it’s Your Turn
When it comes to your dreams don’t sit back and wait for something that isn’t ever going to happen without you getting up and getting out there to make it happen. Your life will pass you by and your dreams will wither and die. Get out there and grab a firm hold of your dreams with your two hands. What audacious action to bring about your dreams are you going to take today?

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