My name is Stephen Cox and the driving force behind this website is my own personal path of development and experience of existence. What started out as an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of every imaginable subject, gradually dawned into a seeking and experimenting with truth and reality. My path has evolved into one of seeking to enter into a state of wisdom. I am driven to make the very most of this wonderful gift that is existence as a human be-ing. Because of that I find myself asking – what is the best way to live? Over time I’ve come to realize that there are powerful fundamental forces at play in our universe. Forces that are so pervasive that they affect every facet and every moment of our lives. Regardless of whether we know it as so or not.

By coming to know these forces or laws and how they function one can become empowered to make use of them in a fully conscious manner. The result is a more purposeful, fulfilling and ultimately happy existence for both yourself and those around you. The difference between one who simply moves haphazardly through life and one who utilizes knowledge is analogous to the difference between a wizard who’s path of life is smoothed by working with elemental powers as opposed to a blind person stumbling around, running into all manner of things and falling down again and again. Sadly the blind person appears to be the current state of many people in the world. On the other hand the image of the wizard that I have drawn, to me, represents the fulfillment of human potential.

So this website is the means by which I humbly share my encounters with Truth. It is my ardent hope that you will find my accounts of such encounters meaningful for the betterment of your own life.

May you be well.