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Entries for September, 2009

Sugar, Fat and Workout of the Day No. 2

Following is a workout I enjoyed just the other day. Begin with 3 minutes of jump rope to warm up. Then complete 20 two-handed kettlebell swings followed immediately by 1 minute of jump rope as active recovery. The point of the jump rope for active recovery is to bring your heart rate back down while still remaining active. If jump rope is too new a movement pattern for you or you’re fitness level isn’t quite up there you might like to substitute some steady jumping jacks or shadow boxing instead. The point is to continue to move around and help your heart return closer to normal.

Why Living in Balance and Harmony with Nature is the Key to Good Health

Today with electricity and inexpensive lighting we are completely out of tune with nature’s rhythm. Light is a vital cue to our body because it tells it what time it is. Not simply whether it is day or night but also what season it is. The daily period of light during summer is long while the dark nights of winter are equally long. With the lights always on your body thinks it is summer 365 days a year. That my friend is unnatural and it is killing everyone, including you.