Balanced Existence

Achieve and maintain health and wellness within the modern human environment

Entries for November, 2008

The Balanced Existence Challenge – Week 1, Day 1

Having purchased a 140kg (300lbs) Olympic weight set last week I was very excited to start the Power to the People! program. So excited in fact I had to stop myself every day for the first couple of days from doing a second deadlift workout later on in the day. The program is so minimalist that this morning I completed my workout by the time my eggs had boiled for breakfast.

Health Is Not an Intellectual Debate

Health, like spirituality, is not an intellectual debate. To make the transition from poor health to good health one must actually do something to arrest the downward slide. Health is a state of being. That state of being is the moon. Balanced Existence is just a finger pointing the way. If you never get past the finger you’ll surely never reach the moon.