Balanced Existence

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Entries for November, 2008

Meditation, Experiencing Life, and Getting Back on the Horse

My meditation practice is simple. I sit and be the sky. This begins with slowing down. Achieved by centering the mind on one physical sensory input. In this case the feeling of the breath at the rim of the nostrils. Breath and mind gradually merge. The calmer one becomes the more refined the breath. The more refined the breath the more one must focus single-pointedly on the ever slighter sensation.

The Balanced Existence Challenge – Week 1, Day 4

I’ve discovered that this heavy lifting business feels quite different from kettlebells. After doing the two sets of deadlifts I sat outside and ate some breakfast of Tuna, carrot, raw nuts and 15 minutes later some water. After I finished I found myself just sitting there completely still and realized my whole body felt worked. But not in a way I think I’ve experienced before. Not in a worn out sort of way.