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Entries for August, 2008

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

I refuse to take advice regarding health and fitness from a doctor or nutritionist who are themselves unhealthy or overweight. Sick people cannot help other sick people get well. So, just as I would not take advice from an unhealthy and overweight person, I don’t expect you to either. To that end today I my girlfriend took some photos of me while I played with my kettlebells. This way you can see the product of my knowledge and experience despite the hands life has dealt me.

Is Cardio Necessary for Fat Loss?

I have recently been involved in a discussion regarding the necessity of cardio for fat loss. By cardio I am referring to slow long distance aerobic exercise such as jogging for 30 minutes or longer. The personal opinions expressed in the discussion were just that. Opinion. One side of the debate suggesting that if we wish to posses the elusive six-pack long slow boring cardio is necessary. The other side was not convinced. Others and myself suggested that high intensity but short duration interval work was as effective if not more so then traditional cardio.

I don’t like to make decisions regarding what is the best use of my time nor what is best for my health based upon pure anecdotal evidence. So I thought I would share what I know of the scientific research into this matter. That way you can inform yourself and make up your own mind.