The purpose of this website is to act as a signpost that helps guide you towards taking courageous responsibility for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The journey of wellbeing is a journey of personal development and transformation. This journey does not need an ultimate final destination. However, having signposts along the way will help you contrast where you are at present as compared to where you have been.

Wellbeing is a state that is characterized by health, happiness and prosperity. The particulars may be different for different people but the fundamentals of wellbeing are universal.

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    Also the article Still Walking the Talk One Year On is very close to my heart. It explains why I don’t take advice from unhealthy and overweight doctors and nutritionists and why you shouldn’t either. It contains photos of myself playing with my complete home gym so you can see for yourself the results I myself get from living the information I present on this website.

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Deadlifting 2 x body weight (160kg or 352lbs) for reps (September 2009)

Deadlifting 2 x body weight (160kg or 352lbs) for reps (September 2009)